Frequently Asked Questions



An update on Linux Academy and A Cloud Guru coming together

You’ve heard the news that Linux Academy and A Cloud Guru are now one. Together, we will combine the current strengths and benefits of both companies to bring you the largest, most effective and hands-on learning library. And, we’re only getting started! But you’re probably wondering what these changes mean for you. We’ve answered some questions below, but you can always reach out to us at [email protected] if you need a specific answer.

What changes are coming to the A Cloud Guru platform? To the Linux Academy platform?
  • We launched a new ACG platform in early August 2020, however, the Linux Academy platform is not changing at this time -- we will continue to keep content up-to-date and refreshed.

Are you continuing to enhance and invest in the Linux Academy platform?
  • Yes! We’ve added or refreshed 49 courses since August 1st, including making the top ACG courses available on the LA platform and allowing access to legacy courses through the end of the year. The Linux Academy platform will continue to be updated and refreshed with new content and hands-on learning opportunities -- all new content is simultaneously released on both the LA and ACG platforms.
  • We've also allocated more support resources to the LA platform, to ensure any issues that arise are fixed quickly -- and we're currently addressing issues faster than they're coming in. 

Am I going to pay the same amount?
  • For our individual subscribers, your same price will be maintained and grandfathered as long as there are no membership lapses or cancellations. If either of these occur and you wish to restart your membership, you may repurchase at our then-current rate.
  • When migration happens, Linux Academy subscribers will be migrated to the ACG Personal Plus plan (which includes Sandboxes) at their grandfathered pricing.

When will LA accounts have access to ACG?
  • We will be working throughout the rest of 2020 and beginning of 2021 to prepare to migrate LA users to the new ACG platform and we will be proactively communicating to our users over the coming months as those changes are made. We want to make sure you have access to your course and data history and the features you love on the new ACG platform before migrating.

Do you still offer the Linux Academy product?
  • While new signups are only available on the new A Cloud Guru platform, we continue to operate and update the Linux Academy platform for our existing customers.

Will you still build Hands-on Labs?
  • Yes! A Cloud Guru and Linux Academy came together to combine the strengths and benefits of BOTH. This means we are investing even more into building the most effective learn-by-doing content, like Hands-on Labs. We are building hundreds of new labs and will be releasing them on an ongoing basis.

Will you still offer Linux and other non-cloud courses?
  • Yes! This was another reason for the acquisition and integration. We will continue to offer the wide breadth of courses that the combined catalogs represent - and will continue to add new specialty areas.

What should I do if I have both ACG and LA subscriptions?
  • All else being equal and if you don’t use sandboxes, individual members should keep your lower-priced plan. If one is annual and one is monthly - keep the annual plan since that is the price you will renew at on the combined platform. Additionally, LA subscribers will be migrated to Personal Plus, with sandbox access.
  • Some nuance to consider: if you cancel your LA membership now, we won’t be able to migrate your data history to the combined platform, so you might want to hang onto it for a bit if you care about that. There are also some Linux Academy features such as Flashcards that will not be migrated to the new platform, so in some cases, you may still want to keep both for now.

Should I cancel my LA account? / Should I continue to pay for both?
  • If you only have an LA account, definitely do not cancel -- we’ve added or refreshed 49 courses since August 1st, including making the top ACG courses available on the LA platform and allowing access to legacy courses through the end of the year. While we will soon seamlessly migrate LA users to the new ACG platform without impacting learning history and feature access, there are current features on LA that will not be available on ACG.
  • If you have both or want to switch to ACG now, just remember that you will lose access to all LA platform features and learning data history.

Why is it taking so long to migrate customers from Linux Academy to A Cloud Guru?
  • Technical migrations are like mini spaceship launches. When we are getting ready to migrate you. Teams across the company are working hard on a number of things that must come together for a successful migration.
  • We are building new features on the ACG platform to ensure you don’t lose any major features you’re used to.
    • Example: Practice Exams on Mobile
  • We are working on migrating your data, including user profile, billing data and usage history (across Courses, Practice exams, Labs, Mobile Apps, etc.)
  • We will be testing and retesting to get ready for prime time.
  • Our commitment is that we’ll let you know what to expect and we’ll make sure your migration is handled with care.

Are all LA features going to be available on ACG?
  • We are committed to ensuring that our LA customers don’t lose any value you get from the LA platform. And as part of that we are migrating many features from LA to ACG.
  • We are also undertaking a thorough effort to understand how the LA learners use all the features. As part of that process we are learning some aspects of the LA platform can be improved. For example, our students have told us that having hundreds of learning paths makes it difficult to get started quickly. So, we are taking this opportunity to improve the overall user experience where necessary.
  • In summary, we are committed to ensuring that you are still able to achieve the same goals on the ACG platform.

Has my login experience changed?
  • Yes, there is a new process to log in to your Linux Academy account from the public website. This does not affect the direct login page, so if you haven’t already, go ahead and bookmark that page. If you do attempt to log in at LinuxAcademy.com, you'll be redirected to acloudguru.com, where you'll have the option to log in to your Linux Academy account.